Definition of Understanding what a signifier is and its signified meaning

Posted: October 15, 2012 by andrewf03 in Unit 2 Concepts

By: Andrew F

Understand what a signifier is and its signified meaning- A signifier is a message or sign that conveys information and its signified, or meaning, is based on how we view those things.  An example of that is someone who has blue hair, which is a signifier, might give off the impression to another that they are a punk or emo, which is the signified meaning. However depending on how that person views themself this information could be false.  These signifiers give us personal identity and allow us to develop our own personalities and live our life how we so choose.

In this example there is a picture of Mitt Romney wearing tan slacks, a rolled-up long sleeve, and a tie.  This might not seem like anything but I would definitiely call it a signifier.  Tan slacks, a long sleeve, and a tie are all signifiers that give a signified meaning of him being from the middle class/ working class.  He is trying to appeal to the working class who would wear something similar to that on a typical business day.  He is attempting to get votes in the swing states and if you are able to relate to voters you have a better chance to get there vote and in turn win the election.


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